USCL Week 7

By NM Daniel Lowinger

Rohde Resuscitates Ruins, Tanenbaum Turns Tide!


When Arizona’s shocking board 2 blitzkrieg left Vice Admiral Sarkar’s sovereign stranded in the center in the first moments of play, prognoses headed south for the Dreadnoughts’ chances against our higher-rated opponents.

L to R: Zachary Tanenbaum, FM Leif Pressman, IM Justin Sarkar, GM Michael Rohde

Once again, all eyes turned to Admiral Rohde whose deep pre-game prep had only one object in mind: win! Shrewdly selecting a line in which Molner had once beaten him in the past, Rohde revived the resilient Taimanov Sicilian, introducing some saavy subtleties to gain the upper-hand in a distractingly dynamic middle game. Molner’s calculated confidence let him down catastrophically as he over-pressed his attack, giving Rohde just what he needed to steer the Dreadnoughts into winning waters (click here for game w/ analysis).

With Pressman punctually piercing potential winning hopes of his rating- and color- advantaged opponent, and Rohde’s position improving steadily, the fate of the match increasingly rested on the shoulders of Chief Warrant Officer Z. Tanenbaum. While a Sicilian looked to be going mostly black’s way as open files to White’s king emerged on the queenside, a tip from a source close to the troops (whose identity per protocol must remain anonymous) assured us that Tanenbaum’s prep had taken everything into account. The further course of the game confirmed our information as Tanenbaum dismantled Black’s position despite a significant rating- and stunning time gap. With nearly 30 minutes to our 30 seconds, Arizona’s fourth board failed to find a felicitous concept, succumbing in the end to Zachary’s zugzwang.

Players and spectators watching the final exciting minutes.

With this win the Dreadnoughts are back on course! Come by the club to cheer us on next week as we face interdivisional rival Boston Blitz.