K-12 Scholastic Championships


32 eager players participated in this month’s K-12 Scholastic Championships.  Jack Aronian scored an important second round upset followed by a decisive third round game to clinch sole first place with a perfect score!  Laurel Aronian, Mikhail Bilokin, Avery Beck and Oliver Samardzija tied for 2nd – 5th place respectively with 2/3 each. 

The K-5 section fielded 18 players alone and crowned a sole champion after four rounds.  Ethan Kwong was the deserving winner with a perfect 4/4 score!  Liam Collins, Kushagra Bhargava, Aksh Juneja and Joshua Schwartz took 2nd – 5th place respectively with 3 out of 4 points each!

The final perfect score of the day went to Alexander Svoronos who won all of his games to win top honors in the K-2 section.  William Wu finished second with 3.  Pranav Raguram, Paul Coggin and Liam Kilkenny finished in 3rd – 5th. 

As usual, all of our participants impressed both on and off the board with everyone demonstrating great sportsmanship throughout the event.  We thank all of the participants for their tremendous efforts!