K-8 Scholastic Championship


Today’s sold out tournament drew a variety of players from experienced tournament veterans to youngsters playing in their first ever tournament.  There were many interesting games and exciting results.  In the K-8 section Dmitri Efimov and Matthew Hochberg were the two rating favorites.  Efimov came out ahead in their pivotal third round match up which helped him win clear first with 3.5/4. 

Top 5 Finishers K-8

1. Dmitri Efimov (3.5/4)
2. Matthew Hochberg (3/4)
3. Andrew Gray (3/4)
4. Emma Strauss (3/4)
5. Anna Argulian (2.5/4)

Alexander Kupersmith and Dream Teamer Samuel Forfang tied for first with 3.5/4 each in the K-5 section.  This result was especially impressive since there was a total of 23 players in this section alone! 

Top 5 Finishers K-5

1. Alexander Kupersmith (3.5/4)
2. Samuel Forfang (3.5/4)
3. Filip Graham (3/4)
4. Mikey Lau (3/4)
5. Zachary Amendola (3/4)

The only perfect score of the day went to another Dream Teamer Jack Kofron who won the K-2 section with 4/4, a full point ahead of everyone else! 

Top 5 Finishers K-2

1. Jack Kofron (4/4)
2. Angad Sethi (3/4)
3. David Linnett (3/4)
4. Louis Savarese (2.5/4)
5. Owen Jacobson (2.5/4)