K-5 Scholastic Championships


You never know what will happen in our K-5 Scholastic tournaments.  They have some of the truly most suspenseful games you have ever seen.  The evaluations of the games can change back and forth at any moment.  As usual, a few young stars were able to avoid disaster and finished ahead of the pack.  The members of the CCFC Dream Team put in a strong showing winning first and second place in both the K-2 and 3-5 sections!  In the K-2 section Dream Teamer Ryan Roderick finished in first place with 3.5/4 points.  He was followed closely teammate by Tegh Singh.  The 3 – 5 section was won by Alex Mayo with a perfect 4/4.  Alex entered the tournament as the 6th seed and defeated higher rated opponents in every round!  He picked up an astonishing 307 points!  In sole second place, a full point behind was Bryan Weisz, another member of the Dream Team who also had a strong showing.