President's Day Scholastic

February 20th,

The Chess Club of Fairfield County's President's Day scholastic tournament was a huge success! 38 players participated in three highly competitive sections. Our middle section was particularly strong with four players (all members of our Dream Team) rated over 1400! In the end, Julian Wang and Neev Suryawanshi tied for 1st with 3 points each. Impressive performances were shown by Andrew Rogozinski and Bilal Memon who both made considerable rating gains!

In the grades 3 - 5 section, it was Henry Stratakis-Allen who was undefeated and claimed the first place prize. Close behind were Alex Huggins and Arushi Samal, both with 3 points. Tied for 4th - 5th were Matthew Lutjen Weinstock and Patrick O'Brien Jr!

Finally, in the K-2 section Brandon Wang proved to be unstoppable as he won all four games! Tied for 2nd - 4th were CCFC regulars Benjamin Filler, Dalton Brown and Justin Jacob. Just behind them tied for 5th place were Sean Thomas and Henry Collins.

Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to everyone that came out and made the tournament a success!