K-5 Scholastic Championships

February 26th,

As is now the norm, the K-5 Scholastic Championships continues to grow!  This month nearly 30 students participated.  The winner of the K-2 section was CCFC student Samuel Forfang who yielded only one draw to Dream Teamer Mikey Lau.  There was an impressive tie for 2nd – 5th place.  Mikey Lau, Sean Thomas, Benjamin Filler and Dalton Brown all finished with 3 points! 

In the 3rd – 5th grade section, Brandon Wang impressed with a perfect score!  Brandon defeated many strong players on his way to victory, including the always dangerous Leo Koganov and top seeded Henry Stratakis-Allen!  This section also had a large tie for 2nd – 5th place between Henry Stratakis-Allen, Frank Drugge, Matthew Lutjen Weinstock, and Eric Stein. 

Congratulation to all of the winners and we look forward to seeing you at our next K-5 Scholastic on March 18th!