K-5 Scholastic Championships

March 18th,

The K-5 tournament had a great turn out! The 3-5 Section of the tournament was very closely contested. Henry Collins, Daniel Greenbaum, and Samuel Forfang did astonishingly well, tying for first place with 3 points each! Henry Collins even had an amazing 200 point increase in his rating! Sean Thomas and Benjamin Filler tied for second place with 2.5 points. Meanwhile Ethan Xia and Dalton Brown tied for third place with 2.0 points.

The K-2 Section was also very dramatic! Elliot Greenbaum placed first with a perfect 4.0 score! Leo Koganov followed closely behind with a 3.0 taking second place. Then there was a four way tie for third place! In third place were Tyson Werner, Arushi Samal, Ethan Vayda, and Caleb Elliott who all had 2.0’s! FEveryone put a great fight! We expect good things to come from these players!