Spring G/45 Quads


Today’s tournament had 26 players with ratings ranging from 900 to 2400, so there was something for everyone.  Dylan Young narrowly won his quad with 2.5/3 points.  Brandon Wang and Kenneth Young shared first place in their section, each scored 2/3.  Vladimir Kotov and Michael Morin also shared first place in their quad with the same 2/3 score!  Michael Bogaty won his section a full point ahead of the competition!  In a tough expert swiss, it was Jason Shi and Alan Price that shared first place with 2.5/3 points each.  Finally, the biggest surprise of the tournament came in the top quad when fourth seeded expert Andres Castaneda produced a rare feat, defeating three strong masters, finishing 2 points ahead of everyone and gaining the master title!!  Join us next week for some more exciting chess!