2014 Season Preview

With two new teams joining the league this year, the Connecticut Dreadnoughts are no longer the newbies in town.  However, we have added some new talent to the team, including an increase from three grandmasters in previous years to four this year, which has changed our roster dramatically.  Leading our team this year will be Grandmaster Aleksandr Lenderman.  After a long career with the New York Knights, Alex returns to the US Chess League as a Dreadnought!  His recent fantastic result at the 2014 US Championships gives us high hopes for his continued success in the USCL. 

GM Aleksander Lenderman

GM Mark Paragua

GM Oliver Barbosa

GM Michael Rohde

Grandmasters Mark Paragua and Oliver Barbosa also join the team this year.  Both players have been extremely active on the chess circuit lately and are known for their solid results.  The addition of these three GMs along with returning Grandmaster Michael Rohde who had a 2600 performance last year means that the Dreadnoughts will be a force to be reckoned with on the top boards. 

FM Leif Pressman

SM Joshua Colas

FM Jason Shi

NM Zachary Tanenbaum

Yoon-Young Kim

Also returning this year are FM Leif Pressman, SM Joshua Colas, FM Jason Shi and NM Zachary Tanenbaum.  Leif is perhaps one of the most active tournament players in the country and has been consistently strong.  Josh has spent the year honing his skills competing in incredibly strong top junior tournaments across the country.  Jason Shi and Zachary Tanenbaum have also been very active and both have made significant progress earning their FM and NM titles respectively.  Last but not least is our new recruit Yoon-Young Kim.  Yoony is the youngest member of the squad and has made extraordinary progress in just the last few months.   His January rating was 1968 and at the time of this article he is just three points shy of becoming a master!

Stay tuned as we will have some exciting additions to our rosters in weeks 3 and 6.   We are looking forward to this being our best season yet, but with so many super strong teams out there nothing can be taken for granted.  As always, thank you to all of our supporters for helping keep us competitive.   Be sure to cheer for us on ICC or in person at the Chess Club of Fairfield County!