Week 5 Review

The Dreadnoughts lost a heartbreaker this week against the strong New York Knights team. Towards the end of the match, everything seemed to be going our way. With significant advantages on boards two and three, an unclear position on board one, NM Yoon-Young Kim tricked his opponent on board four into a drawn ending. It seemed like a 3-1 win was within our grasp.

GM Oliver Barbosa and GM Aleksandr Lenderman

Then the unthinkable happened. Of course mistakes happen, and with the match looking heavily in our favor, only a very unsual series of disasters could have lost the match for us. Under intense pressure from his opponent, GM Oliver Barbosa on two could not find the very complex way to retain his advantage and the game ended in a perpetual check. The next game to finish was GM Aleksander Lenderman who defeated reigning US Champion Gata Kamsky on board one to give he Dreadnoughts a 1.5 - 0.5 lead.

NM Yoon-Young Kim and SM Joshua Colas

SM Nicolas Checa's persistence on board three paid off for the Knights as SM Joshua Colas faltered going from winning to drawing to losing in a complicated knight and pawn ending. Finally, Kim's efforts on board four were in vain as he also misplayed the ending giving the Knights a second win. The final match score was 1.5 - 2.5.

The spectators watching this crazy series of events unfold.

The silver lining is that no other Southern Division team was able to catch us and so we retain our 2nd place position along with good chances to qualify for the playoffs as long as we have a solid finish to the season.