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2014 Fairfield County Masters & Class Championships

7th Annual Fairfield County Open

NM Joshua Colas vs. NM Kapil Chandran (Tri-State Super-Juniors)

GM Mackenzie Molner vs. GM Michael Rohde (US Chess League)

Fairfield County Open

Saturday Quads


Saturday Quads


4th Fairfield County Masters

FCC Swiss

G/30 Quads

G/30 Quads

G/60 Quads

4th Annual Fairfield County Open

August 2010 Workshops

New Britain Summer Open

Match with Norwalk Seniors

2010 Bradley Open

Saturday G/60 Quads

FCC Camps June 2010

Meriden v. FCC

FCC U1500 Swiss

FCC Over 1600 Swiss

Enjoy these games from our past events! Many of them are annotated by either the players themselves or NM Dan Lowinger! Don't forget to submit your games from our events so that we can publish them too!

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