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Arslan Otchiyev


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Instruction and Coaching

Lessons are the #1 method to chess improvement. With one-on-one instruction, a chess coach quickly identifies areas that need attention and devises a targeted curriculum for your needs. For tournament players, regular lessons are crucial. Playing in tournaments regularly and analyzing in depth one’s tournament games with a coach is essential to meaningful improvement. The quality of our instructors is unmatched: not only are they ranked among the top chess players in the country, they are also experienced coaches with scores of teaching successes on their resumes.

To sign up for a class/lesson, e-mail

Membership includes a 20% discount on all instruction

Private Instruction

Private lessons are scheduled at your convenience. Lessons are given at the club or at your home. Master lessons pair you with the highest quality instructors in the nation, players who have reached the absolute pinnacle of the national chess ratings and who can efficiently guide you through your own journey to the top! Tournament-level lessons are another option. Our tournament-level instructors are currently active and highly ranked tournament players, as well as experienced coaches with decades of experience and dozens of successful students!


A $35 convenience charge is applied for lessons away from the Club.

Cancellations require 24 hour notice or full payment is required.

USCF National Master Instructor

Nonmember Rate: $100/h - $60/half hour
Member Rate: $80/h - $50/half hour

USCF Expert Instructor

Nonmember Rate: $80/hour - $50/half hour
Member Rate: $60/hour - $40/half hour

USCF Tournament-Level

Nonmember Rate: $60/h - $40/half hour
Member Rate: $48/h - $30/half hour

Special Grandmaster Training

Nonmember Rate: $300/2 hours
Member Rate: $250/2 hours

Small Group Classes

USCF National Master Instructor:
$100 + $20 per additional student
Member Rate: $80 + $20

USCF Expert Instructor:
$80 + $20 per additional student
Member Rate: $60 + $20

USCF Tournament-Level:
$60 + $20 per additional student
Member Rate: $48 + $20

Carl Scovens

David Childs


Brent McCreesh






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