Welcome to The Main Event, a series of matches between a variety of notable players with connections to CCFC. Each event features two hours of rapid and blitz games with live commentary by NM Ian Harris and a special guest commentator. All are welcome to watch live, discuss the games and root for their favorite players! Click on a match below to replay.

Main Event I
NM Daniel Lowinger vs. NM Mikhail Koganov
Final Score: 8 - 6

Main Event II
Expert Andrew Dexter vs. NM Alex Eydelman
Final Score: 8 - 9

Main Event III
FM Kapil Chandran vs. FM Yoon-Young Kim
Final Score: 9.5 - 2.5

Main Event IV
Expert Cayden Yang vs. Expert Nathaniel Moor
Final Score: 13.5 - 6.5

Main Event V
FM Vincent Tsay vs. FM Max Lu
Final Score: 1-12

Main Event VI
Expert Bryan Weisz vs. Expert Jack Grills
Final Score: 9 - 4


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