Member Appreciation Tournament

Sunday, November 8th, 1:00pm EST

Registration closes at 12:00pm on 11/8

4 Round Swiss (3 rounds if fewer than 8 players). G/15; +2 second Increment

Games are played on All participants will need to have a account.. Games start automatically at 1:00pm. Subsequent rounds begin immediately after the conclusion of the final game of each round. Tournament is estimated to end by approximately 3:15pm

Prizes: 1st $100, U1800 $100

If more than one person ties for first place on total game points, prize money will be split. Prize winners will be contacted by email to arrange for payment.

Entry Fee: Only $5

Must have either full membership or tournament pass to register

Advanced Entries as of 11/7

No. Name Rating
1. Ryan Young (Ryan_Young) 2175
2. Matthew Chan (mchan_chess_cubes) 2011
3. Stanley Guttman (Cyberstan1952) 1600
4. Melvin Patrick (Mr-Patrick) 1600

Registration Closed


Players must join CCFC's Webex online meeting with their camera turned on and microphone muted for the duration of the tournament. This is required for all participants. After registration closes, participants will receive an email invitation to the webex meeting. Once they join the webex meeting they will receive instructions on how to join the tournament. All players must join the webex meeting no later than 12:30pm.

Games played in this tournament will affect online ratings only. It is not USCF rated.

Special Online Considerations:

-There will be no takebacks in case of a mouse slip.
- If a player disconnects and does not return in time to finish the game they will lose the game on time.
- In the event that the server is down at the start or in the middle of the tournament, the event will be canceled and full refunds will be given to all of the players.
-Players that do not join the webex meeting on time or join the tournament prior to the start time will not be eligible for a refund.
- The webex meeting will be recorded. Recordings will be stored in case there is a need to reference it later, but will not be dispersed or shared. All participants should be prepared and willing to share their screen with a tournament director if requested to do so.
- Any player caught cheating, i.e. getting assistance from another person, computer device, or other material, etc., will receive a ban from participating in any future CCFC event including online and in person.

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