A Parent/Child Team Chess Tournament

Sunday, June 20th 2021

Games start at 10:00am. Every team plays (5) games.

The top player of one team plays the top player of the other team and the second player plays the second player of the other team (regardless of age). Each team must be comprised of one child and one adult family member.

Each player gets 10 minutes per game. Maximum game time is 20 minutes.

Games are NOT USCF rated and all levels are welcome.

50% of the proceeds will be donated to the favorite charities of the top 3 teams.

Entry Fee: $40/team (members) : $60/team (non-members)

If one player is a member, member rate applicable.

Online entry deadline 8pm 6/19/21.

Questions? Contact us at ccfc@fairfieldcountychess.com or (203) 505-6215



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