Winter Quads

January 12,

This week our Winter Quads turned into a Winter Match, with Al Pinto and Carl Scovens going head to head in three G/30 games. Scovens held a slight rating advantage over Pinto, but Pinto has been on the rise, with his rating recently crossing over the 1000 mark. It would turn out to be a long night as both players wanted desperately to win and each game came down to the last few minutes. Scovens won the first game in nice style, at least temporarily putting a stop to Pinto’s recent success.

In the second game Scovens struck again and was looking good to win the match 3-0. However, Pinto must be commended for his fighting spirit as he did not collapse as many players might in such circumstances and give Scovens the easy 3-0 that he was looking for. Instead Pinto arrived to the last game as if it was the first one and quickly took the upper hand and then proceeded to play with ruthless accuracy against Scovens who could not recover. Congratulations to both players on an excellent match!