K-12 Scholastic Championship


This month's K-12 Scholastic Championship hosted 43 eager young players, the most I've ever seen while working at CCFC.

Of the 13 competitiors in the K-2 section, five received trophies. Rohan Seth and James Stewart both ended the day with 2.5 points and placed in fifth and fourth place, respectively.

Third and fourth placed winners, Conor Filip and Jasmine Theissen, won three games. Audrey Zhou played flawlessly, winning all of her games and coming in first place.

Twelve players competed in the K-5 section. Linnea Shah-Gustafsson, her first time at CCFC, came in fifth place with two points. Chenxi Lu won two and a half games and came in fourth place. Third and second place winners, Jackson gerardi and Maxwell Meister, both won three of their games. Hugh Kramer clinched first place with 3.5 points.

Finally, there were 18 players in the K-12 section, making it our largest group. Fifth and fourth place winners, Sahil Vora and Kai Wismar, both won two of their three games.

Matthew Liew and Cayden Yang ended the tournament with 2.5 points; they placed in third and second, respectively. Winning all of his games, Reuben O'Neill came out on top.

Congrtualtions to all of our winners and thank you to all the participants. Everyone demonstrated remarkable sportsmanship. We hope to see you all again soon!