CCFC’s first ever Top Dog Challenge was an exciting exhibition match between CCFC’s master level instructors Arslan Otchiyev, Ian Harris, Andrew Ryba and Ryan Young. The format was a single round robin at a 45 minute time control followed by a double round robin of blitz. Standard games were worth 5 points while blitz games were worth 1 point each. On paper the match should have generated some very close results, however, after a second round scare and recovery, Manager Ian Harris took off running and could not be stopped, winning all three of his standard games. Due to the other results he had already clinched first the top dog title before the blitz portion had even begun. The other players split results. Otchiyev defeated Young in round one, Ryba defeated Otchiyev in round two and Young defeated Ryba in round three which left the standings prior to the blitz at:

Ian Harris (15)
Arslan Othciyev (5)
Andrew Ryba (5)
Ryan Young (5)

This made it mathematically impossible for anyone to catch Harris.

Exhausted, the players began the blitz portion of the match in search of some much needed revenge and the battle for second. Ryba showed his class in the blitz only losing and drawing one game to win the blitz with a 4.5/6 score. Harris continued with solid form with 3.5/6. As the night went on the the late hour took its toll on the players and the quality of play began to deteriorate while the entertainment value went way up! You can replay the games here.

In addition to the top dog trophy, Harris took home a prize of $100 for his efforts!

Final Standings

Ian Harris (18.5)
Andrew Ryba (9.5)
Arslan Otchiyev (8)
Ryan Young (6)