Dream Team vs. NECA Greenwich Chess Club

January 29th,

On Sunday our Dream Team had its 2nd match of the season against the NECA Greenwich Chess Club, coached by Alex Eydelman. Although the Dream Team held significant rating advantages on most boards, this talented group of students turned out to be quite a challenge for the Dream Team.

The Dream Team won the first round with a convincing 10-5 score. However the NECA players did not make it easy. Their board one Eric Wang downed our first board Zachary Filler who was rated almost 800 points higher than Eric! This was an unexpected and truly impressive result! Perhaps sensing weakness, the NECA team was out for blood in the 2nd round. This time the games were much closer. In the end thanks to the great effort put in by all of the Dream Teamers, we managed to win the 2nd round by a much closer score of 8-7! Congratulations to the Dream Team on their 2nd victory in a row!

Dream Team

The final score was 18-12.