Friday Night Action


The stars seemed to align this Friday as the CCFC hosted one of our strongest and largest Friday Night Action quads ever! In an unusual top swiss section, several US Chess League Connecticut Dreadnoughts members battled it out along with FM Leif Pressman and expert Hanon Russell. The favorite, IM Justin Sarkar led the way winning his first two games. NM Ian Harris kept pace, also winning his first two games and the two drew their final round match to tie for first place.

In a tough second quad, Garrett Browning took the clear lead after winning his first two games and looked unstoppable. Just behind him was Brian Arpie who lost half a point to Guy Colas in round 2. In their final round encounter, Arpie and Browning had a titanic struggle, but ultimately Arpie triumphed and leapfrogged into first place.

The third quad was won by the youngest participant of the tournament, Dylan Young. Young did not look like he was going to win as he dropped a half point early on to Al Pinto in a game where Pinto never let up with a violent attack. However, after careful defense by Dylan the game was drawn. He then went on to win his next two games to take first place!