K-8 Scholastic Tournament


This month's K-8 Scholastic Championship hosted very eager and determined players of various ages and ratings. Every player, regardless of skill level, demonstrated remarkable sportsmanship and all focused on having fun and learning during their four G/30 games.

There were 10 players in the K-2 section. Erik Nelylovych played a flawless game and earned first place with 4/4 total points! Sarvesh Neelavalli, and Leah Zheng, earned 2nd and 3rd place respectively with 3 points each. Fianlly, Jasmine Thiessen and Hari Palaniappan earned 4th and 5th place respectively with 2 points each.

The K-5 section, our largest section, hosted 13 players. Avery Cotton played four perfect games and earned 4 points and first place! Ann Song, Henry Graham, and Jacob Green earned 2nd-4th place respectively with 3 points each. Gabriel Herne secured his stop in fifth with 2.5 points!

The K-8 section, saw 6 total players. Christopher May earned first place with 3.5/4 total points! Mia Kai earned 2nd place with 3 points! Eddie Li secured 3rd place with 2.5 total points. Matthew Mandell earned 2 points and 4th place. And finally, Ayan Makode secured fifth place with 1 point. Congratulations to all the participants on a great tournament. We hope to see you all again soon!