2015 Tri-State Super-Juniors

10/17/15 – 10/18/15

After just the first two rounds of this year’s Tri-State Super-Juniors, FIDE Master Joshua Colas stood with a commanding one point lead over the rest of the field. This was a testament to the strength and competitiveness of the field that nobody else was able to score more than one point in the first two games.  

That night CCFC hosted a blitz tournament open to the public.  Of the 14 players, half of them were ranked experts or masters.  There were many exciting pairings and several upsets in a wild two hours of blitz.  By the end, National Master Yoon-Young Kim was the deserving blitz champion with a final score of 8/10!


Back to the main event, the three other masters in the field were not able to stop his momentum and Josh won this year’s event with a well deserved 4/4 score!  Yoon-Young Kim finished in a strong 2nd place showing with 3/4 points.  Dennis Li and Brandon Wang finished tied for 3rd place and so a blitz tie-breaker was necessary to decide who would take home the trophy.  The competitors played at lightning speed, but in the end it was Dennis Li who won the game and the trophy. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in yet another memorable event at CCFC!