2014 Tri-State Super-Juniors

10/18/14 – 10/19/14

The playing hall during round two with two of the games displayed on the monitors.

Despite some last minute withdrawals from this year’s edition of the Tri-State Super-Juniors, the tournament still drew an impressive field of young stars. National Master Yoon-Young Kim was the top seed going into the tournament, however, there were many experts on his heels, including the Jacobson brothers, Aaron and Brandon, Lazar Vilotijevic and Roshan Idnani. Dark horses included Maximillian Lu and Dennis Li.

Every round two games were played on DGT boards and broadcast live online!

This tournament is unique for the high level of the participants and the class demonstrated by the players throughout the tournament. CCFC owner Melvin Patrick spoke to the kids about the importance of showing respect for the game and setting a good example. He reminded them that they serve as real role models to kids learning chess everywhere.

Another special treat of the tournament was the complimentary dinner followed by Grandmaster Aleksandr Lenderman’s two hour lecture. Along with many brilliant tactical combinations, Lenderman’s insights into his own games demonstrated to the participants the importance of psychology in chess. He spoke about his mindset going into some of his most critical games over the last year and how he managed to overcome seemingly unsurmountable obstacles.

GM Aleksandr Lenderman imparts his wisdom.

Meanwhile in the tournament, in a surprise turn of events, Dennis Li defeated Yoony Kim in round two to leave the field wide open. Dennis’ three game winning streak to start the event was matched only by Aaron Jacobson. Their pivotal final round game was one of the longest of the entire tournament. Ultimately Jacobson won the endgame and thus the tournament with a perfect 4/4 score! The final deserving winners were:

1. Aaron Jacobson (4)
2. Dennis Li (3)
3. Yoon-Young Kim (3)

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