Sunday U2200 Online Swiss


This week's online Swiss featured 4 players. In first place, there was yet another tie between CCFC Manager NM Ryan Young "Ryan_Young" and CCFC Member Jack Klein! After winning both their games against CCFC Member Stanley Guttman and Chris Dedona, Jack and Ryan were tied with 2/3 points. In round 3, Jack Klein played the white pieces agains Ryan Young, in an Italian Game, with an Evan's Gambit Accepted. On move 35, Jack had both a protected passed pawn on the seventh rank, and a potentially fatal tactic with 36. Rxg7. Later, on move 31, Ryan also had a potentially winning endgame with 35...Qxc3, leaving a Queen vs. Queen endgame, with a passed pawn on a3. By move 76 of the game, both sides had 2 pawns and a queen, and a draw was then agreed by both players.

Thank you to everyone that came out to play and congratulations to the winners!

Round 3: Jack vs. Ryan