K-12 Scholastic Championships


This month's K-12 Scholastic Championships drew 37 players. As usual, the K-2 section was the first to finish. Patrick Coughlin was the deserving winner, having won all of his games! Colin Tetlock, Jason He, Sami Rashid and Adam Rashid finished in 2nd - 5th place respectively.

The K-5 section, with 18 players, was won by Natalia Levicky with a perfect 4/4 score! Arjun Leih, Oliver Tetlock, Joshua Schwartz and Aksh Juneja finished in 2nd - 5th place respectively.

Meanwhile, our K-12 section continued its tradition of being extremely competitive. Ultimately, Boris Smaguine emerged as the only player with a perfect 3/3 score to take first palce. Patrick Chen, Mikhail Bilokin, Rocky Yang, Erik Nebylovych and Anthony Low tied for 2nd place with 2/3 each.

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to all of our participants who, as always, demonstrated great sportsmanship throughout the event.