CCFC Fall Team Championship 2021


Today, CCFC held the annual CCFC Fall Team Championship! There were a sum total of 32 players, competing in a four round tournament in a G/45 +5sd time control. The eight teams consisted of 4 players with an average October rating under 2000. Tiebreaks were to be decided first by Total Game Points, and a possible Team Blitz if total game points were insufficient. The CCFC Fall Team Championships prizes were $300 to the first place team, and $200 to the second place team!

The eight team names today were: "Flaming Youngsters" (average rating 1999), "Managerius Maximus" (average rating 1821), "AlphaJaron" (average rating 1796), "Dream Team" (average rating 1744), "Legion of Legends II" (average rating 1708), "Team 6" (average rating 1508), "Chess Rocks" (average rating 1043), and "Chess Scone" (average rating 998).

Team "Managerius Maximus" consisted of NM Ryan Young, CT Player Slawomir Naumowicz, CCFC Manager Matthew Shirvell, and CT Player Ilya Gitelman. "Managerius Maximus" claimed second place with a combined score of 11 points, well done!

Team "Flaming Youngsters" consisted of NM Gary Leschinsky, CCFC Member Jack Klein, CCFC Member Brent McCreesh, and CCFC Member Jithu Sajeevan. The "Flaming Youngsters" claimed first prize from today's CCFC Fall Team Championship 2021 with a combined score of 13 points! Congratulations to all of these strong, young chess players!

CCFC hopes all of the teams that attended the CCFC Fall Team Championship 2021 enjoyed their time at the event! Featured below is a picture of today's winners, and the crosstable from this event.

Thank you to all of today’s participants, welcome to all newcomers and returning players, and congratulations to the prize winners!