K-12 Scholastic Championships


Twenty-eight contestants competed in this November's Scholastic Championships. Our K-2 section was composed of five hardy players. Tyler Marcus, Ethan Kwong and Benjamin Hong came in first, second, and third respectively, each with a total of three points.

This month's K-5 section was made up of thirteen determined contestant. In first place, James Stewart, with a perfect score of four points. Jack Aronian, Aidan Yang, and Henry Naughton placed second, third, and fourth repectively, each with a score of three points.

Our 10 player large K-12 section featured Alexander Mayo in first place. Nicholas Kurbanov, Matthew Liew, and Edmond Hannigan placed second, third and fourth respectively, each with a total of three points.

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to all our participants. We hope to see you all again next month!