10th Annual Farfield County Open


The Fairfield County Open has been a mainstay of Connecticut chess for ten years, since even before the Chess Club of Fairfield County existed. This year's edition was as exciting as ever. Grandmasters Aleksandr Lenderman, Mark Paragua and Michael Rohde were to top seeds, followed by a large pack of masters and experts. 37 players in total came out to participate. While Grandmasters Lenderman and Paragua did not dissappoint and took 1st and 2nd places respectively, there were several unexpected and impressive performances.

FM Rico Salimbagat took clear 3rd place with 6.5/9. Despite qualifying for the U2200 prize, Mikhail Koganov tied for the U2400 ahead of a plethora of strong masters. This U2400/U2200 prize was shared with Koganov by NM Ernest Colding. Remarkably Colding was able to score an impressive 6/9 despite showing up late, missing round 1, and being forced to take 0 points for that round.

The other winners of the day were Herman Waxter, who took home $200 for finishing top among players U2000. Although being rated just 1557, Leo Koganov had an impressive performance to win the U1800 prize outright. Aurelius Mlynar, John Twombley, and Justin Paul split the prize for the top players U1600.

#NameRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Rd 7Rd 8Rd 9 Tot Prizes
1GM ALEKSANDR LENDERMAN2667W18W4W3W5W2W6W25D7W11 8.5 1st: $500
2GM MARK PARAGUA2613W22W12W9W7L1W5W3W11W4 8.0 2nd: $300
3FM RICO SALIMBAGAT2371W29W10L1W25W12D8L2W17W7 6.5 3rd: $200
4MIKHAIL KOGANOV2199W26L1W23W15D7D17W8W6L2 6.0 U2200: $200
5FM LEIF PRESSMAN2427W23W20W11L1W8L2L6W13W14 6.0  
6NM ERNEST COLDING2212F32W27W22W14W13L1W5L4W15 6.0 U2400: $200
7NM ZACHARY TANENBAUM2261W27W31W17L2D4D25W20D1L3 5.5  
8NM IAN HARRIS2361W21W14D25W9L5D3L4D10W18 5.5  
9NM FURQAN TANWIR2312W36W32L2L8W16W13L11D18W17 5.5  
10 LEO FREYVERT2059W34L3W31L12W21L11W24D8W20 5.5  
11NM WILLIAM GRAIF2250W24W28L5L13W23W10W9L2L1 5.0  
12NM OLIVER CHERNIN2200W19L2W18W10L3L14L13W24W26 5.0  
13VLADIMIR POLYAKIN2100W35L25W21W11L6L9W12L5W23 5.0  
14DEREK CHEN2061W37L8W29L6W28W12L17W20L5 5.0  
15ETHAN GU2019L28W24W32L4W29L20W21W19L6 5.0  
16HERMAN WAXTER1836L25W35L20W26L9L24W30W31W21 5.0 U2000: $200
17IM JUSTIN SARKAR2495U---W36L7W24W22D4W14L3L9 4.5  
18SLAWOMIR NAUMOWICZ2012L1W26L12L21W30W27W23D9L8 4.5  
19LEO KOGANOV1557L12L22D36L34W32W31W28L15W29 4.5 U1800: $200
20KEVIN KIRBY2131W30L5W16W28L25W15L7L14L10 4.0  
21KENNETH MOODY1643L8W37L13W18L10W22L15W33L16 4.0  
22EUGENE ULYANOV1840L2W19L6W30L17L21W27L26W33 4.0  
23MELVIN PATRICK1826L5W30L4W32L11W33L18W28L13 4.0  
24AURELIUS MLYNAR1568L11L15W35L17W37W16L10L12W31 4.0 U1600: $67
25GM MICHAEL RHODE2489W16W13D8L3W20D7L1U---U--- 4.0  
26JOHN TWOMBLEY1556L4L18W37L16L27W35W29W22L12 4.0 U1600: $67
27JUSTIN PAUL1582L7L6L30W36W26L18L22W37W28 4.0 U1600: $67
28MICHAEL FOTIN1415W15L11W34L20L14W29L19L23L27 3.0  
29ERIC SONG1795L3W34L14W31L15L28L26W30L19 3.0  
30DOBRIMIR GEORGIEV NIKOLOV1536L20L23W27L22L18W32L16L29B--- 3.0  
31MICHAEL MARELL1374B---L7L10L29W36L19W34L16L24 3.0  
32DARYL LAVIN1558X6L9L15L23L19L30W36W34U--- 3.0  
33JACK KLEIN1524U---U---U---W35W34L23B---L21L22 3.0  
34THOMAS EWALD1611L10L29L28W19L33W37L31L32D35 2.5  
35KEVIN ZIMMERMAN1521L13L16L24L33B---L26L37W36D34 2.5  
36WILLIAM EWALD1490L9L17D19L27L31B---L32L35W37 2.5  
37RICH TANENBAUM1441L14L21L26B---L24L34W35L27L36 2.0  

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the partcipants. We hope to see you all again soon!