Pioneer Open


Today, Sacred Heart University, in partnership with the Chess Club of Fairfield County, held the Pioneer Open! There were a sum total of 79 players at the start of the tournament, competing in four rounds with a G/45 +5sd time control. There were three sections featured today: the Open Section, consisting of 36 players, the U1800 section, consisting of 25 players, and U1400 section, consisting of 18 players.

Shown below is a photo of today's participants in an early round of the tournament!

After all 4 rounds were completed, a select group of chess players managed to come out on top, including some of our own club regulars!

In the U1400 section, CCFC Member Kushagra Bhargava came in first with a perfect score of 4/4 points, winning the U1400 prize of $200 dollars! There was a two-way tie for the U1200 prize, between CCFC Member Max Zhang, and NY Player Umar Mansurov! Both young players scored 3/4 points, winning $50 dollars each!

In the U1800 Section, PA Player Thomas Mackenzie-Smith won with a perfect score of 4/4 points, earning the $200 prize! This is also Mackenzie-Smith's first ever USCF rated tournament, and he appears to be a very strong player indeed! CT Player Sahil Vora won the U1600 prize of $100 dollars, after scoring 3.5/4 points!

In the Open Section, CCFC Member Brent McCreesh won the Top U2000 prize of $100 dollars after ending the tournament with a score of 3/4 points!

Finally, the winner of the Pioneer Open is NY Player Mark DeDona! After 4 challenging games, DeDona came out on top with a perfect score of 4/4 points, winning the grand prize of $300 dollars! Many congratulations, and well played to Mr. Mark DeDona!

Featured below is a picture with SHU's Chess Club Advisor Bill Sweeney, and today's strong champions!

CCFC hopes all chess players and students of SHU that attended the Pioneer Open enjoyed their time at the event, and will continue to avidly participate in the world of chess!

Thank you to all of today’s participants, welcome to all chess newcomers and SHU players, and congratulations to today's prize winners!

Pioneer Open Crosstable