CCFC Sunday Online Blitz


This week featured the first ever Sunday Online Blitz! Today's tournament had 5 rounds and 6 participants, playing a 5 minute game with no delay. Each round, there were 2 games played by the matched players, with alternating piece colors. The winner today, with a total of 8.5/10 points, is NM Ryan Young "Ryan_Young"! The winner of the U1800 prize was CCFC Owner Melvin Patrick! In the second game of round 5, Ryan had the black pieces against Matthew Chan "mchan_chess_cubes". Matthew played a Queen's Gambit, which was declined by Ryan. On move 36, there was a rook vs rook endgame, with 5 pawns left. With no imbalances to exploit, and time pressure becoming more apparant, on move 39, the players agreed to a draw.

Congratulations, and well played!

Round 5: Matthew vs. Ryan