K-8 Scholastic Championships


As usual our K-8 Scholastic Championships was filled with many unexpected and impressive results. In the K-2 section it was Ved Bathula and Peter Liu who tied for first place with ¾ each. Redmond Little, Angad Sethi and Jack Kofron tied with two points each and shared third through fifth place.

The results in the K-5 section were very unclear until the final game of the tournament finished. Brent McCreesh had led the way with a perfect 3/3 until Filip Graham was able to defeat him in the final round and leap frog him into first place. Brent McCreesh, Jason Lessing and Samuel Forfang tied with 3/4 for second through fourth. Nathaniel Moor finished in sole fifth place with 2.5/4.

Rating favorite Matthew Hochberg won the K-8 section with the day’s only perfect score! Dmitri Efimov finished in clear second with 3/4. Eric Stein and Anna Argulian finished just behind with 2.5/4 and Julian Graham finished in clear fifth place.