K-12 Scholastic Tournament




This months K-12 Scholastic Championship drew 36 players. There were only 3 players in our K-2 section: Lance Wu, Lingxi Lu and Alexander Svoronos all tied for first with 1 point each!



The K-5 section, with 19 players, was won by Chehan Sethi with a perfect 4/4 score! Ethan Kwong, Natalia Levicky, Subhang Prabhala, Arun Krishnan and Liam Zeng tied for second with 3/4 each.


Meanwhile, our K-12 section continued its tradition of being extremely competitive. There was a tie for first between Jeremy Ratner and Jacob Green who both won all of their games! Henry Buczkiewicz, John Moon, Oleksandr Pastushenko and Chenxi Lu tied for second with 2/3 each.



Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to all of our participants who, as always, demonstrated great sportsmanship throughout the event.