Autumn Quads


There was a lot of action in today’s quads. The first section was a swiss with regulars Hubert Herring, Leo Bykhovsky and CCFC Director Melvin Patrick the favorites to win. However, the increasingly dangerous Grant Wang was also in the section and was looking to continue his recent trend of gaining a hundred rating points a tournament! Unfortunately Wang had a difficult tournament as the 6th seeded Hochberg defeated him in round two. Meanwhile, Hubert Herring got off to a fantastic start, beating Hochberg and Patrick. In the pivotal final round showdown between Herring and Bykhovsky, Leo went up a piece early on, but Herring had a very dangerous passed pawn and better king position. Eventually, in a desperate time scramble, the king and pawn triumphed and Herring finished in sole first place with 3/3!