Fairfield County K-5 Team Scholastic Championships


This season’s scholastic team tournament was a nearly sold out event.  In total, 9 schools participated.  Many of the individual participants were competing in their first ever tournament! 

After many hard fought games and nail biting finishes, South School emerged as the overall winner with an impressive 12 point total.  Special mention should be made to the several individuals who bravely represented their schools all on their own!  This included Mateusz Zalewski, William Linnett and Sarvesh Neelavalli. 


Final Standings

1. South School (12)
2. Whitby School (10.5)
3. New Canaan Country School (10.5)
4. Bi-Cultural Day School (9.5)
5. Solomon Schehcter (8)
6. Homeschool (5.5)
7. Hindley (2.5)
8. Heckly (2)