13th Annual Fairfield County Open


This year's Fairfield County Open was extremely strong with sixteen masters out of a field of forty one players! Four Grandmasters and two International Masters led the field. Leading from start to finish, in a dominant fashion was GM Nicolas Checa. Checa yielded just a single half point vs. GM Maxim Dlugy in round 5 to win the $500 first prize by a full point ahead of the field! Grandmasters Joel Benjamin and FM Leif Pressman tied for 2nd - 3rd place with 5.5/7 points and earning $250 each for the efforts.

In the battle over the $1,000 worth of class prizes, there were many exciting finishes that all came down to the final round. NM Alberto Ruiz, NM Zachary Tanenbaum and NM Oliver Chernin all won their final round games to score an impressive 4.5/7 and split the top U2400 prize of $200. Meanwhile, there was a five way tie between experts Preston DeLeo, Cayden Yang, Ethan Gu, Hanon Russell and NM Alex Eydelman. Each took home $40 for their efforts.

Wieslaw Zakrewski has the best performance of all players rated U2000, scoring 4/7 to take home $200 all to himself! CCFC Owner Melvin Patrick and Reynaldo Perez scored 3/7 each to split the U1800 honors, taking home $100 a piece. Ben Walker and Henry Graham won the U1600 prize, winning $100 each for their solid 3/7 performances.

Thank you to everyone that came out to play and congratulations to all of this year’s deserving winners!


#NameRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Rd 7TotPrize
1GM Nicolas Checa2643W17W8W6W2D4W5W7 6.5500.00
2GM Joel Benjamin2590W29W15W13L1D5W10W4 5.5250.00
3FM Leif Pressman2437W23W22L4W15D8W21W9 5.5250.00
4GM Maxim Dlugy2607W19W25W3D5D1W16L2 5.0
5GM Sergey Kudrin2485W34W24W14D4D2L1W16 5.0
6IM Justin Sarkar2448W27W18L1W25L16W14W19 5.0
7IM Leonid Sokolin2555L12W28W21W9D13W8L1 4.5
8NM Alberto Ruiz2209W38L1W32W12D3L7W21 4.566.67
9FM Ramon Pupo2402W20D21W12L7W18W13L3 4.5
10NM Zachary Tanenbaum2300W32L14W19D18W22L2W15 4.566.67
11NM Oliver Chernin2214W30L12W27D22L21W17W23 4.566.67
12Preston DeLeo2006W7W11L9L8W28L15W25 4.040.00
13NM Roman Malyshev2273W37W36L2W17D7L9D18 4.0
14Cayden Yang2076W31W10L5L16W37L6W27 4.040.00
15Ethan Gu2156W41L2W38L3W32W12L10 4.040.00
16NM Ian Harris2330L36W37W34W14W6L4L5 4.0
17NM Alex Eydelman2047L1W30W35L13W26L11W28 4.040.00
18NM Mikhail Koganov2204W39L6W36D10L9W22D13 4.0
19Hanon Russell2018L4W26L10W33W31W25L6 4.040.00
20Wieslaw Zakzrewski1924L9L33W39L26W40W37W29 4.0200.00
21Kevin Kirby2131W33D9L7W24W11L3L8 3.5
22Sam Barsky2075W35L3W28D11L10L18W32 3.5
23Alex Kupersmith1934L3W40L25D35W33W24L11 3.5
24Vladimir Polyakin2108W40L5D33L21W35L23W34 3.5
25NM Yefim Treger2210W26L4W23L6W34L19L12 3.0
26Melvin B Patrick1683L25L19W40W20L17L27W36 3.0100.00
27Slawomir Naumowicz1947L6W39L11L37W38W26L14 3.0
28Ben Walker1155B---L7L22W30L12W33L17 3.0100.00
29Michael Amori2012L2L38W30L32W36W31L20 3.0
30Reynaldo Perez1762L11L17L29L28W39W41W38 3.0100.00
31Henry Milford Graham1498L14L32B---W36L19L29W37 3.0100.00
32Ismael Pagan1876L10W31L8W29L15D34L22 2.5
33Adriel Alvarado1510L21W20D24L19L23L28B--- 2.5
34Jack Klein1956L5W41L16W38L25D32L24 2.5
35Thomas Schiwek1479L22B---L17D23L24L36W39 2.5
36Larry Price1900W16L13L18L31L29W35L26 2.0
37Gabriel Borges1777L13L16W41W27L14L20L31 2.0
38Richard Major1619L8W29L15L34L27W40L30 2.0
39Dobrimir Nikolov1545L18L27L20W41L30B---L35 2.0
40Rich Tanenbaum1509L24L23L26B---L20L38W41 2.0
41Kevin Zimmerman1515L15L34L37L39B---L30L40 1.0