Dream Team vs NECA All-Stars


Our Dream team after school program has been practicing hard since September. All of the hard work paid off this past Saturday as twenty four Dream Teamers took on a very strong team of seventeen NECA All Stars in our first match of the season. Despite being out-rated on the top five boards, our Draem Teamers were able to cover come those odds to win the first round of the two game match. In the second round, the NECA All Stars narrowed the gap, but it would not be enough and the Dream Team won their first match of the year!

All of the players from both teams showed incredible fighting spirit and sportsmanship throughout the event and were rewarded with a pizza party! As always we were very proud of everyone for their hard work and determination. The NECA All Stars continue to grow in strength and it is this rivalry that drives both teams to improve. We look forward to a rematch later on this season.