Dream Team vs. NECA All Stars


36 players from around Fairfield County and beyond gathered to compete for either CCFC's Dream Team or NECA All Stars in our first match of the season. Both teams had a mixture of experienced veterans and players new to tournament play. After two rounds of play, the Dream Team emerged victorious with a score of 25 - 9.

Playing for the Dream Team, Brian Yee, Kent Muda, Amogh Ganjikunta, Jack MacGregor, Max Muda, Landau Day and Benjamin Hong each scored 2/2.

Robert Hilderbrand and Oleksandr Pastushenko each scored a perfect 2/2 for the NECA All Stars.

As always the players impressed with the their determination, fighting spirit and sportsmanship throughout the event and shared a pizza lunch to celebrate their hard work.