Sunday G/30 Quads


Today's quads saw 18 players compete across four sections. Andrew Dexter and Ismael Pagan both won their first two games and drew their final game against each other to share first place in the top quad with 2.5/3 each.

Eugene Ulyanov continued his winning streak from the previous day, winning quad two with another perfect 3/3 score!

It was a good day for our Varsity Dream Teamers in quad three and the fourth section of the day which was a six player swiss. Sahil Vora took clear first in quad three with 2.5/3 and Harikumar Palaniappan won the six player swiss with a perfect 3/3 score! Mateusz Zalewski and Alexander Aybar shared second place with 2/3 each.

Congratulations to all of todays winners!