Saturday G/45 Quads


This week's G/45 quads were filled with exciting match ups and results. FM Leif Pressman led quad one from start to finish, and won the section with a perfect 3/3 score. Quad two had a three way tie for first as no one was able to remain undefeated. The co-winners were Alan Zhang, Andrew Dexter, and Leo Bykhvosky.

Jack Klein narrowly won quad three against some much higher competition. This win propelled him to a new all-time rating high of 1704. Quad three was won convincingly by the fourth seeded Daniel Guo who won all of his games against higher rated compeition! The final section of the day was a six player swiss. The dark horse winner of this sectionw as Benjamin Persily, who entered seeded 4/6, but managed to win clear first with 2.5/3. Edison Huang and Henry Graham finished tied for second with 2/3 each.