8th Annual Fairfield County Open


As always this time of year, the Chess Club of Fairfield County once again hosted the Fairfield County Open G/10 Speed Tournament. This is the 8th straight year the tournament has run and the strength of the competition continues to impress. A total of four grandmasters, two international masters, 15 masters and seven experts made up well over half of the entrants.

With $2,000 in prizes on the line, the nine round speed tournament perennially sees many exciting and tense games. Some of the impressive upsets included Guy Colas’s win over NM Oliver Chernin, CCFC Owner Melvin Patrick’s win over expert Vladimir Polyakin, and Peter Barkman’s draw (as early as round 1) against IM Jay Bonin!

Needless to say, the top scorers were deserving winners. This year’s champion is Grandmaster Maxim Dlugy who finished with a very impressive 8/9 and walked away with $500! GM Zviad Izoria scored 7.5/9 and GM Mark Paragua scored 7/9 to take home $300 and $200 respectively.

NM Furqan Tanwir and NM Kapil Chandran tied for the U2400 prize with 6/9 each. Tanwir had one of the toughest roads of all, facing all three top finishing grandmasters! See below for the final crosstable that includes the complete list of winners and their prizes.

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Rd 8 Rd 9 Tot
1 GM MAXIM DLUGY 2561 W26 W4 W8 W3 W12 D2 W7 D5 W13 8.0 1st: $500
2 GM ZVIAD IZORIA 2622 H--- W14 W6 W9 W7 D1 D3 W12 W4 7.5 2nd: $300
3 GM MARK C PARAGUA 2605 W23 W17 W25 L1 W4 W15 D2 D7 W8 7.0 3rd: $200
4 NM FURQAN TANWIR 2251 W31 L1 W28 W36 L3 W23 W15 W9 L2 6.0 U2400 $100
5 IM JUSTIN SARKAR 2463 D16 W13 L10 W33 D6 W19 D8 D1 W14 6.0
6 NM KAPIL CHANDRAN 2374 W36 D22 L2 W20 D5 L14 W23 W24 W12 6.0 U2400 $100
7 SM JOSHUA COLAS 2393 W27 W24 D12 W25 L2 W13 L1 D3 D10 5.5
8 NM DANIEL LOWINGER 2350 W33 W18 L1 D19 W9 D12 D5 W11 L3 5.5
9 FM LEIF PRESSMAN 2433 W11 D10 W22 L2 L8 W21 W14 L4 W19 5.5
10 NM MIKHAIL KOGANOV 2219 W39 D9 W5 L12 L13 D11 W27 W25 D7 5.5
11 LEO FRAYVERT 2036 L9 W39 L18 W35 W24 D10 W16 L8 X25 5.5 U2200 $200
12 GM SERGEY KUDRIN 2584 W21 W15 D7 W10 L1 D8 W25 L2 L6 5.0
13 IM JAY RICHARD BONIN 2423 D20 L5 W38 W16 W10 L7 D19 W18 L1 5.0
14 HANS MOKE NIEMANN 2151 W38 L2 W27 W17 L15 W6 L9 W22 L5 5.0
15 NM IAN HARRIS 2315 W29 L12 W20 W18 W14 L3 L4 D19 D16 5.0
16 NM ALEX EYDELMAN 2038 D5 L20 W29 L13 W31 W22 L11 W21 D15 5.0
17 FM DANIEL SHAPIRO 2289 W32 L3 W21 L14 L19 W20 L18 W36 W23 5.0
18 AARON JACOBSON 2176 W37 L8 W11 L15 W27 L25 W17 L13 W24 5.0
19 NM ZACHARY TANENBAUM 2206 W34 L25 W26 D8 W17 L5 D13 D15 L9 4.5
20 PETER BARKMAN 1909 D13 W16 L15 L6 W32 L17 L21 W28 W34 4.5 U2000 $200
21 KEVIN KIRBY 2131 L12 W29 L17 D31 W34 L9 W20 L16 W32 4.5
22 BRANDON JACOBSON 2160 W35 D6 L9 L24 W36 L16 W31 L14 W26 4.5
23 VLADIMIR POLYAKIN 2134 L3 W32 L36 W28 W33 L4 L6 W27 L17 4.0
24 NM OLIVER CHERNIN 2200 W30 L7 L33 W22 L11 W36 W26 L6 L18 4.0
25 SM ARSLAN OTCHIYEV 2385 W28 W19 L3 L7 W26 W18 L12 L10 F11 4.0
26 HANON W RUSSELL 2066 L1 W31 L19 W37 L25 W28 L24 W29 L22 4.0
27 DEREK CHEN 1793 L7 W30 L14 W38 L18 W33 L10 L23 W35 4.0 U1800 $67
28 GARRETT BROWNING 1789 L25 W34 L4 L23 W37 L26 W30 L20 W36 4.0 U1800 $67
29 BENJAMIN TRENT 1682 L15 L21 L16 L32 W35 W39 W37 L26 W38 4.0 U1800 $67
30 JUSTIN MARTIN PAUL 1447 L24 L27 L31 B--- W38 L34 L28 W39 W37 4.0 U1600 $200
31 KEVIN ZIMMERMAN 1646 L4 L26 W30 D21 L16 W32 L22 L35 B--- 3.5
32 ROBERT STEINDORF 1653 L17 L23 D34 W29 L20 L31 B--- W33 L21 3.5
33 GUY COLAS 1714 L8 W37 W24 L5 L23 L27 D35 L32 W39 3.5
34 BRYAN A WEISZ 1479 L19 L28 D32 W39 L21 W30 L36 B--- L20 3.5
35 ADRIEL ALVARADO 1274 L22 L36 B--- L11 L29 W38 D33 W31 L27 3.5
36 MELVIN B PATRICK 1728 L6 W35 W23 L4 L22 L24 W34 L17 L28 3.0
37 LEO KOGANOV 1426 L18 L33 W39 L26 L28 B--- L29 L38 L30 2.0
38 AL PINTO 1128 L14 B--- L13 L27 L30 L35 L39 W37 L29 2.0
39 RICH TANENBAUM 1481 L10 L11 L37 L34 B--- L29 W38 L30 L33 2.0