Saturday G/45 Quads


26 people joined us for our Saturday G/45 Quads making 6 sections: 5 quads and one six-player Swiss. In the first section, FM Lief Pressman played a flawless game and earned a perfect score of 3/3 total points! Hanon Russell, of the second section, earned 2.5/3 total points.

In the third section, Melvin Patrick, Leo Bykhovsky, and Peter Thau all tied for first place with 2/3 total points each! Eric Song and Alexander Kupersmith tied for first place in the fourth section, each with 2.5/3 total points.

To continue the trend, Leo Koganov and Caleb Klenoff, of the fifth section, tied for first each with 2.5/3 total points. Lastly, Evan Helman, Warren Kennedy-Nolle, and Sinclair Kennedy-Nolle each earned a perfect 3/3 total points each, securing a top spot in the six-player Swiss!

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all participants! We hope to see you again soon.