Saturday G/45 Quads


Despite many CCFC regular participating in the US Amateur Team East this weekend, our quads continued to be highly competitive. The top quad featured three masters and an expert, with Brandon Nydick winning all three games to take sole first.

Expert Ryan Peterson won a tough quad with a score of 2.5/3. The players in quad three were separated by no more than 29 rating points, making it extremely competitive.

Brent McCreesh was the deserving winner, scoring 2.5/3. Jared Schwartz scored the second perfect score of the day, winning all three of his games in quad four. In yet another extremely close section, Nielsen Gordon won with a perfect 3/3 in quad five. Finally, Carl Scovens swept quad six to score the fourth perfect score of the day!

Thank you to all of our participants and congratulations to the winners!