President's Day Scholastic Tournament

Twenty-four players attended our annual President’s Day Tournament. Before announcing the awards, I would like to commend all the participants for their grace and sportsmanship throughout the day.

There were five players in our K-2 section. Cillian O’Rorke finished in fifth with 1.5 points. Valentina Juarez and Anja Schiwek placed in fourth and third place, respectively. Evan Alpert and Natalie Conn both both had three points. Natalie edged Evan out on tie brakes; she placed first, while Evan got second.

Nine players competed in the K-5 section. In fifth place, Rohan finished the day with two points, while fourth-place winner, Nathan Tadiashvili, had 2.5 points. Ian Moffit and Audery Zhou placed in third and fourth place, respectively, both with three points. Henry Bucziewicz clinched first today, finishing with 3.5 out of four points.

Finally, there were ten players in the K-12 section, making it our largest section today. Christopher May placed fourth, winning two of his games. The rest of the trophy-winners all won three of their games. Thomas Pennie, Max Ingargiola, Jared Swartz, and Hugh Kramer came in fourth, third, second, and first place, respectively.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the participants. We hope to see you all again soon! Our next scholastic tournament in on March 18th.