Dream Team vs Whitby School


The Dream Team continued its impeccable run this weekend, this time winning against an unfamiliar and new opponent, the Whitby School. Twelve Whitby representatives accepted the challenge from the Dream Team. Their board one player Allen Dong led the way for his team with impressive victories over the Dream Team’s top two players. However, in the end it was the Dream Team’s depth that gave them yet another match victory.

Ava Viscarello, Jack Donovan, Brian Donovan and Zayan Amin represented Whitby and were all playing in one of their first tournaments ever! All three impressively held their own against their more experienced opponents. Despite the many serious individual games, all of the players deserve credit for creating the perfect atmosphere for competing in a fun and relaxing way. At the end of each game, all of the players smiled and congratulated their opponents on a well-played game.

Finally, after two rounds of chess, the teams were each awarded their prizes and the players sat down together to play some last minute speed chess and bughouse while munching on pizza. For the Dream Team, it was a pleasure to play against Whitby and we look forward to many more rematches to come!