Duel Knight


This month’s Duel Knight featured some exciting matches. FM Leif Pressman and NM Daniel Lowinger played a four game G/45 match. Lowinger won rounds one and two but Pressman regained his composure and evened the match after four rounds! NM Ian Harris and NM Alex Eydelman played an eight game blitz match. Tied after the first 6 games, Harris managed to win the final two games to win by a score of 5 – 3.

Michael Amori faced Vladimir Kotov, playing two G/45 matches. Amori emerged victorious in the end but he was clearly exhausted from the grueling fight. Daniel Cooper played a three game G/30 match against Guy Colas. Colas was the slight underdog and Cooper duly won all three games.

Rivals Melvin Patrick and Leo Bykhovsky also had a three game G/30 match. Bykhovsky won the first two games but Patrick struck back in the final round to prevent a sweep.

David Kniffin returned after a prolonged absence from tournament chess to take on Al Pinto. Pinto was the significant underdog in this match but still managed to score a round one draw. Kniffin won the next two games to win the match.

The final match of the night was between Andrew Carozza and Wendy Cummings. This match was the most back-and-forth match of the night. Carozza won round one and Cummings struck back in round two. The final round showdown was won by Carozza to decide the match.