Fairfield County Open


This year’s annual speed chess tournament was yet another rousing success. With a record attendance that nearly sold out the chess club and nine rounds of fighting chess, there was no shortage of entertaining games and over the board heroics.

Top seeded Grandmaster Aleksandr Lenderman and National Master Hans Niemann led the tournament from start to finish. None of the many masters that were nipping at their heels were able to slow them down as they put on a nearly flawless display of speed chess. By the end of the day they tied a point ahead of the rest of the field with a final tally of 7.5/9 each. Both players took home $400 for their efforts!

GM Sergey Kudrin, NM Yoon-Young Kim and FM Rico Salimbagat tied for 3rd and the U2400 prize with 6.5/9 earning $134 each.

The U2200 prize was split between Michael Adarlo and CCFC regular Alex Eydelman, with 5.5/9. Just behind with 5/9 were Andrew Rogozinski, Al Lasser, and Liam Kaufman whose outstanding performances was enough to split the U2000 prize for $67 each. Benjamin Trent and Ryan Wantroba won the U1800 and U1600 prizes respectively and each took home $200!

CCFC Owner Melvin Patrick thanked all the players and passed out prizes to participants who travelled the furthest and who had the largest carpool. As always it was another memorable event that continues to grow and attract some of the brightest stars in the region.

The Winners!

# Name Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Rd 8 Rd 9 Tot
1 GM ALEKSANDR LENDERMAN 2704 W33 W11 W5 W9 D2 W10 D6 D3 W7 7.5
2 NM HANS NIEMANN 2425 W32 W25 W4 W8 D1 W7 L3 W6 W12 7.5
3 GM SERGEY KUDRIN 2547 W24 D14 W11 L7 W26 W8 W2 D1 D4 6.5
4 NM YOON-YOUNG KIM 2322 W44 W34 L2 W33 W17 L6 W19 W8 D3 6.5
5 FM RICO SALIMBAGAT 2343 W18 W35 L1 D14 W16 L13 W23 W27 W15 6.5
6 FM LEIF PRESSMAN 2406 W39 W48 W13 W10 L7 W4 D1 L2 D9 6.0
7 FM KAPIL CHANDRAN 2429 W21 W16 L8 W3 W6 L2 W11 W13 L1 6.0
8 NM FURQAN TANWIR 2269 W27 W26 W7 L2 W37 L3 W10 L4 W18 6.0
9 IM JAY BONIN 2407 W29 W28 W15 L1 D14 W12 L13 W16 D6 6.0
10 GM OLIVER BARBOSA 2595 W20 W19 W12 L6 W15 L1 L8 W34 W13 6.0
11 NM RAINER LABAY 2236 X53 L1 L3 W44 W33 W14 L7 W31 W20 6.0
12 NM IAN HARRIS 2332 W37 W17 L10 W22 D13 L9 W28 W14 L2 5.5
13 NM WILLIAM GRAIF 2262 W49 W31 L6 W21 D12 W5 W9 L7 L10 5.5
14 NM OLIVER CHERNIN 2200 W30 D3 W19 D5 D9 L11 W24 L12 W28 5.5
15 NM ZACHARY TANENBAUM 2259 W41 W22 L9 W32 L10 D17 W26 W25 L5 5.5
16 MICHAEL ADARLO 2168 W46 L7 D24 W48 L5 W18 W17 L9 W26 5.5
17 ALEX EYDELMAN 2047 W45 L12 W44 W18 L4 D15 L16 W24 W25 5.5
18 ANDREW ROGOZINSKI 1900 L5 W38 W23 L17 W22 L16 W33 W19 L8 5.0
19 NM ROBERT NEWBOLD 2230 W43 L10 L14 W49 W24 W32 L4 L18 W27 5.0
20 ALAN LASSER 1984 L10 W43 L27 W31 L25 W40 W37 W23 L11 5.0
21 LIAM KAUFMAN 1931 L7 W46 W25 L13 L28 L31 W38 W44 W34 5.0
22 DEREK CHEN 2021 W52 L15 W31 L12 L18 W49 L27 W39 W32 5.0
23 LEONID FREYVERT 2066 L31 W51 L18 W42 W45 W37 L5 L20 W33 5.0
24 JERONIMO SALAZAR 1952 L3 W30 D16 W29 L19 W35 L14 L17 W31 4.5
25 VLADIMIR POLYAKIN 2124 W42 L2 L21 W50 W20 D26 W29 L15 L17 4.5
26 EDWARD FRUMKIN 2023 W47 L8 W49 W27 L3 D25 L15 W30 L16 4.5
27 BENJAMIN TRENT 1788 L8 W52 W20 L26 W34 D28 W22 L5 L19 4.5
28 KEVIN KIRBY 2101 W36 L9 L32 W38 W21 D27 L12 W29 L14 4.5
29 ANDREW COLWELL 1919 L9 W36 D48 L24 W39 W30 L25 L28 W41 4.5
30 RYAN WANTROBA 1513 L14 L24 D40 W51 W48 L29 W35 L26 W44 4.5
31 LEANDER ROBINSON JR. 1363 W23 L13 L22 L20 W46 W21 W48 L11 L24 4.0
32 IMMAD SADIQ 1925 L2 W42 W28 L15 W35 L19 L34 W40 L22 4.0
33 OSWALDO FERNANDEZ 2000 L1 W41 W51 L4 L11 W38 L18 W37 L23 4.0
34 ROWELA ACEDO 2055 W40 L4 L37 W36 L27 W44 W32 L10 L21 4.0
35 JOSEPH E BIHLMEYER 2088 W38 L5 W39 L37 L32 L24 L30 W42 W45 4.0
36 MICHAEL FOTIN 1478 L28 L29 W52 L34 L44 W50 L39 W47 W46 4.0
37 EUGENE ULYANOV 1891 L12 W45 W34 W35 L8 L23 L20 L33 D40 3.5
38 DOBRIMIR NIKOLOV 1418 L35 L18 W41 L28 W43 L33 L21 W51 D39 3.5
39 ANDREW BYKHOVSKY 1917 L6 W50 L35 L45 L29 W41 W36 L22 D38 3.5
40 AURELIUS JACOX MLYNAR 1263 L34 L44 D30 D41 W42 L20 W49 L32 D37 3.5
41 KEVIN ZIMMERMAN 1697 L15 L33 L38 D40 W51 L39 W43 W46 L29 3.5
42 JOHN TWOMBLEY 1502 L25 L32 W47 L23 L40 D43 W52 L35 W49 3.5
43 JUSTIN MARTIN PAUL 1594 L19 L20 L50 W47 L38 D42 L41 W49 W52 3.5
44 LEO BYKHOVSKY 1841 L4 W40 L17 L11 W36 L34 W45 L21 L30 3.0
45 ADRIEL C ALVARADO 1257 L17 L37 W46 W39 L23 L48 L44 W50 L35 3.0
46 JOCELYN SAN PEDRO 1503 L16 L21 L45 W52 L31 W47 W51 L41 L36 3.0
47 AL PINTO 1023 L26 L49 L42 L43 W52 L46 W50 L36 W51 3.0
48 SAM BARSKY 2100 W50 L6 D29 L16 L30 W45 L31 U--- U--- 2.5
49 DANIEL FUSCO 1751 L13 W47 L26 L19 W50 L22 L40 L43 L42 2.0
50 RICH TANENBAUM 1426 L48 L39 W43 L25 L49 L36 L47 L45 B--- 2.0
51 BRONSON KIRBY 477 B--- L23 L33 L30 L41 W52 L46 L38 L47 2.0
52 EDILBERTO LABUAC JR. unr. L22 L27 L36 L46 L47 L51 L42 B--- L43 1.0
53 BARRY HAMMONS 1661 F11 U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.0