Friday Night Blitz


Tonight's blitz tournament was a four round double-swiss format. National Master Ian Harris and Slav Naumowicz each won their first four games to take an early tournament lead. Their third round head-to-head encounter would prove to be decisive for the tournament outcome. After drawing the first game, Harris and Naumowicz played a tense second game with both players trying to simultaneously defend and checkmate the other. In the end, after sacrificing a piece, Naumowicz managed to checkmate Harris. Naumowicz went on to win his next two games to win the tournament with an impressive 7.5/8 score and earning the $23 first place prize!

Brent McCreesh won also won his final two games to finish with 5/8. Despite being eligible foor the top U1400 prize, McCreesh's effort was good enough to win the top U1900 prize ($23)! Leo Koganov and Kevin Zimmerman each scored 4/8 to split the top U1600 prize ($12 each).