K-8 Scholastic Championships


Nearly 50 kids packed the CCFC for our biggest scholastic tournament to date at our club! Despite the large turnout, the space was comfortable and the tournament ran smoothly. The tournament even finished early! It was great to see all of the new faces at the club and the many young players playing in their first tournament ever!

The K-2 section was the largest of all with 20 participants. Owen Lawler, Eddie Xue and Sean Thomas of the Dream Team all finished in the top 5.

1st: Owen Lawler (3.5)
2nd: Eddie Xue (3.5)
3rd: Jack Watkins (3.0)
4th: Parker Laskoski (3.0)
5th: Sean Thomas (3.0)
6th: Jordan Katz (3.0)

The K-5 Section rivaled the K-2 with 17 players. The only perfect score of the tournament was scored by Dream Team member Samuel Forfang!

1st: Samuel Forfang (4.0!)
2nd: Alexander Kupersmith (3.0)
3rd: Justin Jacob (3.0)
4th: Max Van Osdol (3.0)
5th: Bryan Weisz (3.0)

Our K-8 section continues to be super competitive. Ratings in this section do not do the players justice as many of them are on their way up! Dream Team member Brandon Wang tied for first with Thomas Ewald. Thomas had the tournament of his life, defeating several players rated much higher than him!

1st: Brandon Wang (3.5)
2nd: Thomas Ewald (3.5)
3rd: Jack von Riesemann (3.0)
4th: Alexander Mayo (2.5)
5th: Leo Koganov (2.0)

Thank you to everyone that made this event such a success! We look forward to seeing you all next time!