K-12 Scholastic Championships


36 players participated in this month's K-12 Scholastic Championships. A record was set in the K-12 section where more than half of the players, including the top seed, were girls. John Moon was the only player to win all of their games to win the K-12 section with a perfect 3/3! Mia Kai, Anika Bhat, Christine Scully, Laurel Aronian and Andrew Moor tied for 2nd - 6th with 2/3 each!

Jack Aronian scored the second perfect score of the day, taking clear first in the K-5 section. Oliver Samardzija, Jasmie Thiessen, Luca Ghedini, Robert Hilderbrand and Wyatt Kaylor tied for 2nd - 6th with 3/4 each.

Finally, Benjamin Hong scored the third perfect score of the day to win the K-2 section. Tyler Marcus took clear second with 3/4. Patrick Hilderbrand, Darby Wellenius and Anderson Wiener tied with 2/4 to share 3rd - 5th.

Thank you to all of our participants for putting in such great effort in every game and as always for showing great sportsmanship throughout the event.