K-12 Scholastic Championships


This month's K-12 Scholastic Championship hosted 23 excited players. Our K-2 section hosted 8 young players, 5 of which received trophies. Conor Filip secured fifth place, earning 1.5 total points. Natalie Conn and Evan Alpert placed fourth and third respectively, both earning 2 total points. Henry Naughton earned 3 total points, placing him in second. With a perfect score Anthony Low, secured the top spot, earning 4 total points.

Our K-5 section hosted 11 players making it our biggest section of the day. Cary Wang came in fifth place in this section, earning 2 total points. Shaina Mezheritskiy, Nathan Tadiashvili, and Jason Chen earned fourth, third, and second place respectively, each earning 3 total points. With a perfect score of 4 total points, Tim Paruvangada secured first place in his section.

Lastly, our K-12 section hosted 4 competitors, making it the smallest section of the day. Chenxi Lu earned fourth place with 0 total points. Colin Dean came in third place, earning 1 total point. Harikumar Palaniappan earned 2 total points, securing him second place. Lastly, Evan Helman took home gold, earning a perfect score of 3 total points.

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to all of our participants! Everyone demonstrated remarkable sportsmanship! We hope to see you again soon!